I am one in 2.49 million …

I turned on the telly to the news that unemployment has risen by 38,000 and is at its highest level since February 2010.

The number claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance rose by 37,100 in July … meaning claimant count has risen for three months in a row.

A hot water bottle but not a pyjama case

I’m working my way – fairly cheerfully – through a number of applications and a friend has told me of another vacancy (I think that counts as asking friends and family for my Looking for Work booklet too).

I can’t say it makes me feel confident about finding work even through these agencies which put us, like cattle, into call centres on minimum wage.

In other BBC financial news:

Rail fares are set to increase by 8 per cent (making commuting a costly problem)

NPower is to increase energy prices: gas by 15.7 per cent and electricity by 7.2 per cent (meaning Chaplin will be forced to impersonate a hot water bottle and many will feel the cold this winter)

Clothes and footwear see the biggest price increase since 1997 (meaning I might have to be a lecturer because the Worzel Gummidge look is more acceptable there than in journalism. I can remember the days when a journalist could look like a scruff and get away with it but now it’s all shirts and ties and court shoes: not necessarily on one person.)

The average home costs 204, 981. I’m looking at jobs paying between 18,000 and 38,000 because I will take what is available – so will never buy a home. Chaplin and I will have to pay rent to a private landlord and, like many, hope the house isn’t sold from under us as he profits from our need for a home.

This could be rumour but I head that Charles Dickens was kicking himself because he’s certain there’s another novel in this latest news.

Thanks to: Everyone who has taken time to comment. It’s fascinating to hear the experiences of unemployed workers across the globe


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