unemployedhack is at a job interview …

Sardine curry | serves two or a greedy one


A fat squirt of garlic paste

Two finely sliced onions

One tin of sardines (I prefer to use Moroccan L’Espadon in chilli oil – because they’re cheap)

A fatter squirt of tomato paste (or tinned tomatoes if you can afford them)

A heaped tablespoon of spices for fish (I use Mangal Fish Masala boxed spice)

Sardines: the basis of any good poverty curry


Lightly fry the onions in the sardine oil and garlic paste.

Add the sardines and mash up with a fork.

Squeeze in some tomato paste.

Add the spices.

Cover and leave to bubble until the fish is cooked.

Serve with rice (or oven chips, depending on what you have in)

You can serve with a glass of white wine if someone has bought you a bottle.

Back tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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