Seven stages soundtrack …

Some music to help you on your journey. The seven stages of job loss grief:

1. You will initially feel shock and denial when the managing director or editor announces more job cuts:

2. You’ll be overwhelmed with pain and guilt, wondering if you could’ve caused this:

3. This will be replaced with anger. Embrace it:

4. The blues will kick in next and you’ll feel alone on the scrapheap:

5. You’ll start to adjust to life without work, without glitzy celeb parties, morning calls to the fire brigade (whatever kept you going):

6. You’ll start to work through your feelings, remembering journalism is what you’re built to do:

7. Finally, you will accept your current situation and hope that it changes:

unemployedhack is preparing for a job interview … while repeatedly playing the last video


2 thoughts on “Seven stages soundtrack …

  1. Fantastic (especially George Jones – someone who knew a bit about being down but not out). Give this man a job – but only of he continues his blog as Employed Hack. Good luck. Andrew Pring

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