Extreme String (unemployedhack is at a job interview)

Extreme String | A game for two players: one human, one feline

Object: The object of the game is to entertain the cat as much as possible

Equipment: The equipment consists of a piece of string and available items of furniture. Props such as magazines, newspapers and cushions can also be employed

Preparation: Move any items that could cause risk to the players such as coffee tables, halogen heaters, and ensure rugs are secure


Not to be confused with Extreme Planking

1. Pull the string for the cat

2. As the game develops pull the string in extreme ways – i.e. over chairs, tables and around furniture

3. Keep pulling the string in more creative ways in order to keep the cat entertained and exercised

4. Keep pulling the string even if the cat decides to lie down

5. Do not stop mid-game as this could cause some distress

6. Let the cat win often. To lose will cause the cat some distress

Warning and disclaimer:

Do not Google Extreme String | The author takes no responsibility for the reaction or result  of your cat playing Extreme String

Using ribbon instead of string may not have the same effect

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