Blame Bingo … a new game for all the family!

Are you unemployed? Do you spend a lot of time watching the news and listening to excuse after excuse from the Coalition? Then you’ll love Blame Bingo©!

Are you a single mum? Immigrant worker? Trade unionist? Or disabled? Then you’ll love Blame Bingo© – and seeing just how you are to blame for the state of the economy.

Blame Bingo© – it’s the game even Labour Party members can enjoy!*

Blame Bingo© is free so won’t eat into your meagre benefits or ever-dwindling wages. It’s easy, fun and contains many real excuses used by the Coalition. Just tick them off as you hear them until you get a full house – which will happen in no time!

Play Blame Bingo© today – and you won’t earn a thing even if you do it all day long! Just as the Coalition likes it!

*Liberal Democrats are advised not to play Blame Bingo© but instead to walk away from the Coalition so that we can have an election.

Blame Bingo© proof that being bored and stuck on the dole makes you entrepreneurial!


6 thoughts on “Blame Bingo … a new game for all the family!

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    • Bloody students! Getting an education – paying a fortune for it – and then thinking they’re entitled to paid work, even well-paid work. Students being unwilling to be on never-ending internships is to blame for unemployment!

  2. You missed another: ‘older persons’ should just give up and die (goodness knows enough people have been trying to get them to understand they’re surplus to the economy) – that would save loads of resources… (Speaking as an ‘older person’ myself by the way)…

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